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300-HR Somatic Yoga Training Modules

Earn your RYT500 and RYT800 while working toward your Somatic Yoga Therapist Designation. These programs are offered on alternating years with an AM & PM option, with applications accepted every Spring. Upon completion of these programs, you will have the designation of Advanced Somatic Yoga Teacher and may add these hours to your current RYT registration. If you currently hold RYT200, you can upgrade to RYT500 with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. To attain your Somatic Yoga Therapist designation, you will need to complete both of these 300-hour modules and the 200-hour mentorship practicum. Each module is offered once per year, and you can enroll in both programs in the same calendar year. Each module is a tuition investment of CAD 3750 + tax and taxes are refundable for Canadian residents as we are a government-accredited training.  

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