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300-Hour Advanced Embodiment
Yoga Teacher Training
in Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy

Next entry opens in Spring of 2024!

Barefeet on Sand

Join Stefani on an embodied journey into your body and emotions in this intimate training that weaves Vinyasa practice with Somatic exploration, meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, mantra, mudra, and breathwork. . . 

This training is about (e)motion, giving ourselves space to feel and move through those feelings that we usually avoid, learning to unlock those parts of ourselves that are stuck or held back, unleashing the feminine, and embracing the joy of being in our bodies. Offered intentionally for a small number of students, this training is intimate. It is part experiencing Somatic Yoga Therapy™ for yourself and part learning how to provide this beautiful work for others in an organic way. This training is proudly taught in a manner that is trauma-informed and neurodivergent supportive. Stefani works with each student individually to support you in learning YOUR way.  Most importantly, the training structure is accessible. We will meet in Calgary once in the Fall and once in the Spring for a 4-day training. The rest of your program is held weekly online with a class that meets on Tuesday evenings. This allows you to move through the material slowly so that you can truly embrace the opportunity for transformation.


This training is part of the 800-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training™. As a 300-hour advanced training, you will earn your RYT500 or RYT800 in Advanced Embodiment Yoga™ with the opportunity to continue on the pathway toward becoming an Somatic Yoga Therapist™. 


This intimate training is intentionally small and is only held every other year. 

This intimate program is created for yoga teachers aspiring to become yoga therapists and individuals already working in the field of mind/body therapy. Our trauma-informed approach to yoga is used by our graduates in mental health clinics, secondary schools, yoga studios, and retreat centers, and is suitable for both individual and group work. 

In this training, you will be immersed in the study of Yoga Therapy that supports the Somatic Emotional health of the body, through the lens of the Manomayakosha. You will explore Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy,  Embodied, and Adaptive Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Practices for Supporting Somatic-Emotional health, Eastern and Western perspectives on emotional health, Craniosacral techniques, Ayurvedic Energy work and how to support clients with these practices in group and individual settings. 


The 300-Hour Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training in Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy is one of four learning modules in the 800-Hour Embodiment Yoga Therapist Certification Program. As a stand-alone training, graduates will earn a 300-hour certification in Advanced Embodiment Yoga; 200-Hour Yoga Teachers may take this training to build on to their existing training hours, providing them with the RYT500 designation, those already having a 500-Hour designation, earn their RYT800 with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. Graduates may use the terms 'Yoga Therapist' or 'Somatic Yoga Therapist' upon graduation from the 800-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist training by completing the remaining 3 modules of the program, which are the 300-hour Advanced Embodiment YTT in Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy, the 100-hour Mentorship & Practicum for Somatic Emotional Yoga Therapy  and the 100-hour Mentorship Practicum for Somatic Energetic Yoga Therapy

Why Train with Mandorla Yoga Institute

Work while you study. Only one online class per week and two in-person training sessions, each over 4 days. 

As a graduate you will gain skills in:

  • Ayurvedic Assessment Tools and Energy Work

  • Somatic Yoga -  listening, bodywork, movement, and breath

  • How to work with the nervous system - tools for dissociation and regulation, trauma-informed practice, and Somato-Emotional Release

  • Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Individuals and Groups

  • Yoga Philosophy and Ayurvedic Psychology for Emotions and the Mind

  • Embodied Anatomy - recognizing the held shape and foundational practices for inviting a new form

  • This training will give you a solid foundation in Embodiment Yoga Therapy and prepare you for studying to become a 1,000-Hour Yoga Therapist who specializes in Embodiment Yoga and Somatic Yoga Therapy.

Program Modules

​Modules are held in a blended format. Two modules are in-person and the remaining modules are held online on Tuesday evenings. View the Syllabus.

  • Embodied Movement 

  • Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Individuals* 

  • Emotions & the Mind

  • Trauma-Informed Meditation

  • Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Groups

  • Embodiment Yoga Therapy Retreat*

*These modules are held in-person.

Accreditation for Graduates


Graduates of our this program are provided with a T2202a form for educational tax reimbursement and RESP/RRSP eligibility.


Graduates may register with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500/800-Hour level and receive practice insurance.


Graduates may receive continuing education credits for use with the following professional regulatory bodies: National Health Practitioners of Canada,  and Yoga Alliance.


See our Graduates page to hear from our graduates and how this training supported their personal and professional growth. View our Testimonials page to read more from graduates of this program.

Tuition: $3750 (+ GST)
Please click apply to learn more about your payment options.

Prerequisite: Completion of a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

This training is offered on alternating years with the 300-Hour Advanced Embodiment YTT in Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy. If your intention is to become a Somatic Yoga Therapist, you may begin your studies with either program. You will be issued a 300-Hour Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Certificate upon completion of this training module. 

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