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Three Women

Experience Somatic Yoga Therapy in structured 1:1 and Group Therapy Programs.

I am currently curating my groups for Somatic Yoga Therapy. Think of this process as a matchmaker for making soul friends who are ready to journey with you in a process of embodied connection and relatable sharing. Please indicate below the groups that speak to your heart. Our 3-week therapy groups are offered in a small container of 4 people, whereas our monthly groups are opened up for a larger number of participants. I will personally reach out to you to schedule an online intro session when I see people making the same request. If you don't see what you are looking for, please share with me what you would love to see!

with love,


Which therapy groups are you interested in joining?
Would you prefer online or in-person in our Calgary studio?
When are you available? Sessions are offered on weedays only.

Thanks for submitting!

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