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Government Accredited & Registered School since 2007 


Somatic Embodiment Yoga and Somatic Yoga Therapy are based on the 3 core principles of Reclamation, Transformation, and Resilience. Practices always begin with tools that support nervous system regulation, establish body ease, and support students in empowered self-discovery. We use this foundation to access our innate transformation as we move into powerful practices from a place of our wants and consent. We use vinyasa krama to intelligently open the body and cultivate resilience by practicing how to regulate ourselves through breath, meditation, mantra, and mudra.


Mandorla seeks to create teachers and therapists who use trauma-respectful language and teaching approaches in mainstream settings. Yoga can be a powerful tool for tapping into the somatic layer of ourselves. We see an opportunity for teachers to support their students in better accessing their bodies. This is not clinical training for teaching those with Trauma, but training that hopes to bridge a gap that we see in the yoga community. Many of us have trauma and going to a yoga class can be a step toward our healing journey with the proper support. Empowering teachers to use language that is respectful, student-led, and empowering can make a world of difference.


All of our programs are rooted in the wisdom of Yoga's sister art, Ayurveda. Like Yoga, Ayurveda gives us tools to better understand ourselves and what we need for balance. Combining these arts together creates yoga practices that are rich with insight for bringing ourselves into a place of balance and restoration. We share this art from the very beginning in all our programs, sharing with you the knowledge of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and how to pull these qualities into yoga asana and breath. In advanced programs, we go deeper with understanding of dosha and lifestyle.


The presence a teacher brings allows us to feel held and whole. It allows us to go to places impossible on our own. When we add the art of touch, done respectfully, it takes this experience to new depths. Thai Yoga Massage supports you in opening your body, releasing tension, and allowing others to hold you. All healing and profound experiences on their own. This wisdom is weaved into all our programs but is taken to fullness in our 150-Hour Integrative Thai Yoga Massage Training that is accredited with Namasta and the NHPC.

Somatic Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training and Somatic Yoga Therapist Training combine to offer you a complete 1,000-hour in-depth program that deeply explores the processes of reclaiming ease in your body through movement, stillness, breath, and touch.


Comprised of our Foundational YTT (200 hours), and our Yoga Therapist Training (800 hours), this thorough training looks at Yoga through the lens of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy to give insights for creating tailored practices that meet you where you are NOW at this moment. Our Yoga Therapy programs will introduce you to Thai Yoga Massage practices that will support deeper learning of the material. 


In these trainings, you will grow in your ability to connect with your body and heart, strengthening your understanding of your needs and wants and how to respond with supportive yoga practices. Firmly rooted in Adaptive Yoga, each exploration is ACCESSIBLE for ALL BODIES and TRAUMA RESPECTFUL. The 1,000-hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training was created as a complete program, but students are welcome to take part in the program for individual certification as a 200, 500, or 800-hour Somatic Yoga Teacher. Our curriculum has intentionally been designed in a modular fashion that allows students to move through their training at their own pace. Learn more about the modular training components on the Become a Yoga Therapist Page.

All of our training programs are offered using a combination of online and in-person learning in the form of study retreats. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training is provided with the option for fully in-person or fully online training. Our Yoga and Yoga Therapy programs require a commitment to study during scheduled times of training.


​ACCREDITATION - Mandorla Institute is a certified educational institution in Canada and has been a registered yoga school since 2007. We are a registered Yoga Therapy School, 1,000 hours with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and our 150-hr Thai Yoga Massage Training is registered with the National Health Practitioners of Canada and Namasta. Canadian graduates of our programs may claim their tuition on their taxes and are provided with a T2202a form at each year-end. Graduates of our 150-hour Thai Yoga Massage Training may become members of the NHPC with the ability to offer insurance receipts to approved insurance companies and for clients who hold Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). ​​

Somatic Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

I feel very blessed and grateful to have completed my Yoga Teacher Training offered by Mandorla. Not only is Stefani an amazing heart centered teacher, but she's practical, diverse, extremely knowledgeable and empowering. She challenges your assumptions in a kind and loving way and then gives you the tools you need to empower yourself.

Stef has helped me learn the foundations of stability and support...movement consciousness and intention. Stef teaches this in such a way that it actually transforms the way you think about your body and your movements. Stef has taught me how to incorporate these principles into all of my movements, on and off my mat. She has taught me to pay as much attention to what I do between the poses and how I get in and out of them, as I do while in them.

For me it's never been about anything but, how to have a strong mind, happy and healthy body and a grateful soul. And the foundations Stef teaches are all of these and so much more. Stefani is a true Guru of our times. I feel blessed and honored to have had opportunity to work with her and the whole Mandorla community!

Stacey Rafferty, Calgary, AB

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