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200-Hour Mentorship Practicum
100-Hours Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Individuals
100-Hours Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Groups

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Mandorla Yoga Institute’s 200-hour Mentorship Practicum is comprised of two program modules, the 100-Hour Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Individuals and the 100-Hour Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Groups. Designed to be the final modules in the 800-Hour Embodiment Yoga Therapist Certification Program, each module is a 15-week online mentorship that is completed in your home community. You will meet with your mentoring cohort once per week for a one-hour session as you are walked through the process of researching, creating, and facilitating your own case studies in Embodiment Yoga Therapy that is offered for groups or individuals. 

The 100-hour Mentorship Practicums are the remaining two modules in the 800-Hour Embodiment Yoga Therapist Certification Program. To enroll in the Mentorship Practicums, one must actively be enrolled or have completed the 300-hour Advanced Embodiment YTT in Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy, and/or the 300-hour Advanced Embodiment YTT in Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy

Why Train with Mandorla Yoga Institute


Small, consciously selected cohort.

The Mentorship Practicums provide:

  • Small Group Mentoring and Support through a carefully designed step-by-step process for facilitating Embodiment Yoga Therapy for Individuals and Groups

  • Opportunity to observe Embodiment Yoga Therapy in practice

  • Opportunity to put your training into purposeful applications and to connect with allied professionals who may support your work

  • Opportunity to establish your yoga therapy practice and work through difficult phases of beginning something new while having support

  • These are the final modules in the 800-hour Yoga Therapist Training. Upon completion of these modules, combined with 200-hour Foundational Yoga Training, you will earn the designation of 1,000-Hour Yoga Therapist who specializes in Embodiment Yoga Therapy or Embodiment Yoga Therapist.

Program Modules

​Mentoring sessions are held online once per week over a period of 15 weeks on Wednesday afternoons for 1 hour. The 100-hour modules are held on alternating years.

  • 30 hours of Small Group Mentoring

  • 50 hours of Research and Case Study Review

  • 60 hours of Individual Yoga Therapy practicum with 4 individual clients, spending 15 hours per client

  • 60 hours of Group Yoga Therapy Practicum spent teaching 3 Group classes, spending 20 hours per group

Accreditation for Graduates


Graduates of our professional programs are provided with T2202a form for educational tax reimbursement and RESP/RRSP eligibility.


Graduates may register with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Therapist at the 1,000-hour level upon completion of both modules.


Graduates may receive continuing education credits for use with the following professional regulatory bodies: National Health Practitioners of Canada,  and Yoga Alliance.


See our Graduates page to hear from our graduates and how this training supported their personal and professional growth.

Tuition: Each 100-hour module is $1875 (+ GST)
Please click apply to learn more about your payment options.

Prerequisite: Must be currently enrolled in or have completed either of the 300-hour Advanced Embodiment YTT in Yoga Therapy.

The 100-hour Mentorship Practicum modules are offered on Wednesday afternoons over a 15-week period on alternating years. 

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