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200-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapy
Mentoring Program

The 200-hour Somatic Mentoring Program is the last training component of the 800-hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training. This is a curated container designed to support you in actualizing your personal goals as a Somatic Yoga Therapist. As a participant, you will be mentored personally by Stefani while collaborating with your peers in an intimate, small group setting. 

The only way that we can provide this work effectively for others is by doing the work for ourselves, going into the difficult spaces where we still hold limiting beliefs, unraveling our old patterns, and activating those dormant parts of ourselves that want to be expressed. 

This journey is an opportunity to do deeper self-work while you put the sharing of Somatic Yoga Therapy into action. This allows you to move through those first steps that establish your practice as a Somatic Yoga Therapist, while having the support of your mentor as you go through the challenges of networking, program creation, booking clients, and marketing your work. 

"A mentor is a person who can support, advise, and guide you. They typically take the time to get to know you and the challenges you’re facing and then use their understanding and personal experience to help you improve."


Focused on the facilitation of Somatic Yoga Therapy for Individuals and Groups, the Mentorship Practicum is completed in your home community during the Fall and Spring semesters with a combination of group mentoring and 1:1 mentoring sessions, that guide you through navigating the ins and outs of practice, ethical business and marketing, planning and facilitating group work, and networking. In addition to completing private online mentoring sessions, you will meet online with your mentoring cohort as you are walked through the process of researching, creating, and facilitating your own case studies in Somatic Yoga Therapy that is offered for groups or individuals. 

As part of this journey, you will be given structured suggestions to help you actualize your practice. These suggestions are there to support you, but they do not override your vision and voice. You are encouraged to bring your dreams forward and the program is adapted to support you. 


This is a mentored soul journey done with very small groups of students only once yearly. (These modules can be completed while you are also enrolled in your 300-hour training programs or may be completed the following year.)


The 200-hour Mentoring Program is the remaining requirement in the 800-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Certification Program. To enroll in the Mentorship Practicum, one must actively be enrolled or have completed the 300-hour Advanced YTT in Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy, and/or the 300-hour Advanced YTT in Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy


The Somatic Mentoring Program provides...

  • Small Group Mentoring, 1:1 Mentoring and Support through a carefully designed step-by-step process for facilitating Somatic Yoga Therapy for Individuals and Groups

  • Opportunity to do your own soul-work and to get clear on your sense of purpose through the lens of your Elemental Archetype

  • Opportunity to define how you want to share this work with others with the direct support of a mentor who walks alongside you

  • Opportunity to experience or observe Somatic Yoga Therapy in practice

  • Opportunity to put your training into purposeful applications and to connect with allied professionals who may support your work

  • Opportunity to establish your yoga therapy practice and work through difficult phases of beginning something new while having support

  • This is the final requirement in the 800-hour Yoga Therapist Training. Upon completion of the mentoring program and practicum, you will earn the designation of 1,000-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist who specializes in Embodiment Yoga.

Program Structure

​Mentoring sessions occur online and in your home community over the course of the Fall and Winter semesters. Students may begin the mentoring program after they have completed one of the 300-Hour Somatic Focused Yoga Therapy Trainings and may participate in the mentoring program while completing their 2nd 300-HR module, allowing them to complete their studies in 2 years' time. Each 100-HR module runs over the course of 5 months during the Fall or Winter semester, with a focus on Somatic-Emotional Yoga Therapy or Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy.

Accreditation for Graduates


Graduates of our professional programs are provided with T2202a form for educational tax reimbursement and RESP/RRSP eligibility.


Graduates may register with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Therapist at the 1,000-hour level upon completion of both modules.


Graduates may receive continuing education credits for use with the following professional regulatory bodies: National Health Practitioners of Canada,  and Yoga Alliance.

Somatic Yoga Therapy Mentoring

See our Graduates page to hear from our graduates and how this training supported their personal and professional growth.

Tuition: $3,750 (+ GST)
Please click apply to learn more about your payment options.

Prerequisite: Must be currently enrolled in the 800-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training

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