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Thai Yoga Massage Training
Q & A

How long will the program take?

On average, most students take 3 to 6 months to complete this program. It is required that students complete this program within 6 months of registration. Should you exceed the 6-month window, you may request for a 3-month program extension. We do this to ensure quality of training.

What do I need for this training?

For the online training component, you will need to have a strong internet connection. You will also need to have access to friends and family who are willing to be your practice participants. You must require a signed waiver and liability form from all practice participants that protects both yourself and Mandorla Yoga Institute. 

We suggest purchasing a Thai Massage Mat from the Mandorla store to properly do this work.

Where do our graduates work after they graduate? 

Many of our graduates were already working in the fields of yoga, somatic therapy, and massage therapy prior to taking our training and were able to immediately integrate these techniques into their work. Massage therapists, in particular, are able to offer Thai Yoga Massage as an insurance covered form of massage therapy and appreciate how offering this form of massage allows them to offer massage with far less strain on their hands. Somatic therapists appreciate how this work gives them more tools for releasing the locked areas of the body and how this training increased their comfort with touch. For yoga teachers, having this designation allowed them to segway into clinical practice and 1-1 work, allowing them to have a more structured schedule and stable income. Yoga teachers also successfully use this work for offering specialty classes and workshops that integrate with yin and restorative yoga, an offering that is highly sought out by yoga studios and their clientele. 

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