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Somatic Rest - Group Somatic Yoga Therapy Program




Three, 2-Hour Group Therapy Sessions with Between Session Support

About the Course

Somatic Rest is a mentored group yoga therapy program that intimately guides you in the process of creating your own somatic healing practice. This is a structured journey that has been carefully crafted to lead you deeper into your self-wisdom, while sharing with you tools for regulating your nervous system and creating greater resilience and joy. This is an intimate relationship where you are mentored on the journey of establishing your own Somatic Rest practice.

As part of this program, you will be given your very own copy of Stefani's book, 'Somatic Rest', a 110 page resource.

The most important steps on any somatic healing journey, are the practices of re-establishing a sense of trust in one's self and learning how to cultivate a feeling of bodily ease and nervous system regulation. Somatic Rest focuses on these skills as you are taught the nourishing practices of:

  • Somatic Movement,

  • Restorative Yoga,

  • Ayurvedic Psychology,

  • Sensory Modulation,

  • Adaptive Breathwork,

  • and Somatic Meditation.

Specifically, over the course of three small group sessions, in groups of 4 students, you will be immersed in the practice of Somatic Yoga Therapy, while being mentored in establishing a home practice that will strengthen your ability to listen and respond to your bodies physiological and emotional needs.

If you are new to working with Stefani, you will need to book a onetime 1:1 consultation with her via this link, prior to engaging in group work. In this session, Stefani will complete a somatic yoga therapy assessment to ensure that within the group work, your specific needs are supported. Students are welcome to attend the program more than once and are not required to book further 1:1 appointments after their first group.

The Somatic Rest Program is also offered as a 1:1 Therapy program, for those individuals who are interested in exploring this work through a direct mentored relationship.

Your Instructor

Stefani Wilton

Stefani Wilton

Stefani Wilton is a storyteller, a changemaker, a wisdom holder, and a community weaver. She is the founder of Mandorla Yoga Institute and the creator of the Somatic Rest Program, Somatic Embodiment Yoga, Somatic Yoga Therapy, and Integrative Thai Yoga Massage. She is a mother, an educator, and a neurodivergent person who holds space for those in need of a compassionate place to land.

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