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800-Hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training

The 300-HR Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training in Somatic-Energetic Yoga Therapy, was an empowering experience that gave me a deeper perspective to understanding the body, breath and mind connection. With skills and tools to support a clients personalized yoga practice. Stefani’s training enhanced my teaching skills, understanding of movement and anatomy, yogic and energetic philosophy with knowledge and skills to apply the information with my clients. My time with Stefani has bestowed a feeling of confidence within me. This training was a life enriching experience.

In the training, Stefani has laid out the information in a very obtainable way. In her course, she starts by providing yoga practices to experience Embodiment Yoga practice methodology. This immersion was beneficial for experiencing the difference in the approaches to one’s yoga practice. She introduces steps to working with clientele, including intake forms, exploratory conversation and recommendations on how to start client sessions. In her trauma-informed approach safe and exploratory language is taught. Her training delves into understanding the pain response, stages of pain and provides detailed information on how to support the pain response and clients experience.

Stefani reviews anatomy of the body and teaches her students to utilize the myofascial chains of the body. She clearly outlines the chains, chapter by chapter, with detailed video content. This provided a foundation to utilize the skills Stefani shares in assessing the body to address un-ideal movement patterns, to begin unraveling and repattern the body.  I sincerely appreciated the time she placed into her digital content. I was able to return to the videos as a learning resource. I appreciate this as part of my learning experience.
Throughout the course, Stefani has woven yogic practices of pranayama, mudra and meditation seamlessly to utilize with clients and for one’s self care (and practice). Practices are unique to the individuals experience making their “subtle presence” impactful.

Within her training she also ensured to express the importance of networking and advocating for people to diversify their support. How impactful it is for the client to receive a full spectrum of support. 

Stefani has done a wonderful job creating this training. I would highly recommend the experience.

- Livi De Rooy, Graduate & Owner of Twisted Willow Yoga Studio, Port Alberni BC



How long will the program take?
How much is the tuition? 

On average, most students take 2 to 4 years to complete this program, as the mentorship practicum can be completed while enrolled in the 300-Hour programs. It is required that students complete this program within 4 years of their initial registration. Tuition is paid as you work through your 3 modules. Each module is $3750 (+ GST). The total tuition for the 800-hour Somatic Yoga Therapist Training is $11,250 CAD (+ GST). Students should also plan to invest additional fees toward books and supplies for their training, along with the cost of travel, accommodation and meals for the modules requiring in-person attendance in Calgary, AB. 

What do I need for this training?

As a large percent of the training occurs online, students need to have a strong internet connection. It is helpful to have friends and family who are willing to be your practice participants. You must acquire a signed waiver and liability form from all practice participants that protects both yourself and Mandorla Yoga Institute. 

You will be provided with a list of required books and yoga props for your training upon registration.


We provide yoga prop bundles for our students through the school store

Where do our graduates work after they graduate? 
Can I take this training if I don't have a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification?

Many of our graduates were already working in the fields of yoga, movement, somatic therapy, counselling, education, coaching or holistic healing/energywork, prior to taking our training and were able to immediately integrate these techniques into their work. Somatic therapists appreciate how this work gives them more tools for releasing the locked areas of the body and how this training increased their comfort with touch. For yoga teachers, having this designation allowed them to segway into clinical practice and 1-1 work, allowing them to have a more structured schedule and stable income. Yoga teachers also successfully use this work for offering specialty classes and workshops that integrate with yin and restorative yoga, an offering that is highly sought out by yoga studios and their clientele. Many of the educators who have taken our programs were able to acquire funding from their school boards. 

Having a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is necessary for attending this training, however, your training does not have to have been with Mandorla Yoga Institute. We will honor 200-hour training from other schools. Should you need to take your 200-hour training, we offer our foundational 200-Hour Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training throughout the year in both online and in-person settings. 

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