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Move Beyond Your Obstacles

A Journal for setting intentions and Letting Go of those things that Do NOT Serve You. . . 

As humans, we all struggle with our unique obstacles that prevent us from being where we want to be in our lives. While some of these obstacles are external, many of these obstacles lie within our own psyche.  While our personal struggles may be unique, the patterning that lies at the root of these struggles is very much shared. 

This is a journal that I have created from my own personal practice over the years. I share it, as a fellow human and friend, very much in the midst of this experience that we all share. 

Move through its pages over the period of 40 days. Make time to reflect on the questions and then offer up those things you wish to let go through the chanting of the Ganesh Mantra or your own prayer that speaks to your heart. 

While this practice is personally one that I do every Winter Solstice, to reflect on my year past and to set my intentions for the year to come, you can do this practice at anytime that you feel called to it.

I hope that it brings you relief, resilience and clarity.



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