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200-HR Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™

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I would highly recommend Mandorla Yoga Institute teacher-training for anyone who wishes to expand their yoga practice and teaching, through therapeutic asana practice and into a deep integration of yoga and mediation into one's life, both on and off the mat.

Christopher Leo, 2015

Incredibly thorough, in-depth, and enlightening teaching program.

Hayley Lynch Brown, 2020

Mandorla Yoga Institute was exactly. and everything I wanted in a Yoga Teacher Training course. Stefani (owner/instructor) is an amazing instructor with extensive knowledge and insight in regard to the practice and teaching of yoga. She is passionate, compassionate, spiritual, and practical, teaching from the heart and guiding us through our training in a very supportive, honest, and loving manner. I learned so much during this training and I completed it feeling confident that I was ready to teach and share the knowledge I had acquired. I would do it again for the amazing experience.

Jennifer Conlin, 2017

Mandorla Yoga Institute is the gift that keeps on giving. Stefani supports her students unconditionally with choice and empowerment. She inspires and connects everyone she meets. She not only helped me learn the ways of yoga to apply towards teaching but to help better my life as well, in all forms. I highly recommend this school for everyone. 

Kelsey Collins, 2016

Mandorla Yoga Institute is a transformative program that not only brings personal enlightment, but equips students on the path to becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher with a deep sense of connected and laayered knowledge that makes them excellent instructors. Mandorla Yoga Institute's Mission is to truly be away of the clients we are working with and to develop sensitvely tailored classes or private sessions for them, thereby creating a therapeutic environemtn.

Leslie Pullen, 2014

Mandorla Yoga Institute was exactly what I was looking for; the knowledge gained and experianced shared were incomparable for preparing me to teach yoga with confidence and my own personal flair. The learning environment is nurturing and supportive, as well as being very thorough... I learned things I didn't know I'd need! The right information in the right format at the right time to make it all cohesive in my student's mind.

Merry Beth Denney, 2015

Mandorla Yoga Institute offered the most detailed and in-depth instruction I have ever experienced. The instructors were very knowledgable about everything. As well, the program offered a safe and inclusive atmosphere for learning. I felt sure of myself and my learning after graduating!

Rachael Clubb, 2014

Mandorla was an amazing choice to complete my teacher training. Stef's trauma-respectful approach to teaching and supporting her students was the safe space we needed to come home to ourselves.

Reem Kaiss Smolley, 2021

The materials, well prepared, the instructor full of knowledge, love and dedication for teaching us and very inspiring. I strongly recommend Mandorla Yoga Institute... They are the heart and soul of Yoga...Thank you so much for your great energy, your time and dedication... "Technology might be great, but the need for teachers, instructors and mentors are the key of human touch when it comes to knowledge. 

Yoandra Ines Matos Cespedes, 2015

It was a beautiful and enriching experience training with Mandorla. The principles they stand for surpassed my expectations in many ways, the knowledge is shared in a very supportive way and more than training was also a journey of introspection and self-realization.

Zobeida Fisher, 2019

Stef was the perfect teacher for this journey I was on. She was very knowledgable and available to all my struggles and needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone and when I am ready to take my 500hr I will take that with her for sure!

Anna Trillana, Graduate, 2014

I am incredibly grateful for Stefani and Mandorla Yoga Institute. I received excellent, high quality training that was transformational, both personally and professionally. Without reservation, I would recommend MYI to anyone!

Brianne Collins, 2016

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