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Learn about adaptation and alignment within asana while exploring the individual functions of key muscles within the body. Utilizing live video footage, 3D graphics and 'Bob' our resident skeleton, you are given the opportunity to grasp the applications of yoga as they relate to the movement of the human body and it's individual needs. Establishing the foundations of functional anatomy through the lens of alignment based yoga in a regional format, we start at the feet and move our way up through each region of the body. With discussions on common injuries and how to navigate them safely as a yoga teacher, this is an important course for anyone teaching movement related practice to their students.




Functional Anatomy + Adaptive yoga E-book

This book is a resource that is helpful for planning your classes with modifications for potential injuries and health conditions that you will encounter as a teacher. Moving through the regions of the body, you can easily look up what to do and what to avoid for conditions ranging from arthritis to scoliosis.

Online Access and Video Manuals

Get lifetime access to video recordings of all the course content and written feedback from your mentor.

Mentoring and Support

You will be given a personal mentor for this course. Your mentor is available to give feedback on your assignments  as you move through the course material and can meet with you in person (if physically possible), over the phone or via email.

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