Thai Yoga Massage 
30-HR Workshop

November 16 - 18, 2022

Learn how to utilize Thai Yoga Massage as a somatic tool for supporting emotional processing and nervous system restoration. This workshop will provide you with the tools for offering a 90-minute trauma-informed session that supports coming into the regulation and safety of the parasympathetic nervous system while encouraging your client's experience of embodiment through passive movement, yoga, mindful touch, breath awareness, Ayurvedic energy medicine, craniosacral techniques, somatic meditation, and Thai Yoga Massage.


Integrated Thai Yoga Massage for Somatic Work will provide:


  • Acquire somatic bodywork skills that support clients in coming into the regulation and safety of the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Learn hands on tools that help your client to connect with their body as a resource through the experience of co-regulation and embodiment.

  • Be able to incorporate bodywork into existing sessions to enhance cognitive work and build resiliency.

  • Learn postures, breathwork and Ayurvedic energy work that you can share with your clients for their own self-touch, empowerment and healing.

  • Support clients in accessing their emotions and allowing the movement of stuck feelings.


This course is appropriate for those interested in the 150-Hour Somatic Thai Yoga Massage Training or the Embodiment Yoga Therapist™ Training. For those already established in somatic practice, bodywork, counseling, life coaching, or yoga, this course will provide 30 continuing education credits for the following bodies: Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, Yoga Alliance, and Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Tuition: $899 (+GST)

Payment Plan:  2 payments of $450 (+ GST)