the Reclamation Collection

Access YOUR body, Move through Discomfort, and find Ease and Resilience in this collection of 12 Embodiment Yoga™ classes that move through the Elements of Earth, Water and Fire. Included as a bonus gift in this collection are three Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ classes and two yoga + massage classes.


Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ for Upper Back Pain Relief

Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ for Emotional Discomfort

Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ for Insomnia

Yin Yoga + Self Massage

Acu Yoga + Massage

The following Embodiment Yoga™ Practices were thoughtfully created to support

you in moving through the waves of Embodiment Yoga™, Reclamation, Transformation and Resilience, in a manner that is trauma respectful and accessible to ALL bodies. 


This is an approach to Yoga that evolved from my own journey and struggle with the impacts of personal trauma and my ability to access my own body. Each class is yours to keep with the files downloadable to any device. 

I hope you enjoy the RECLAMATION Series. This is an introduction to Embodiment Yoga™, a collection of practices for getting back into YOUR body and finding EASE.


With Love,




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