Prenatal Yoga + Massage

Prenatal Yoga + Massage

Join us ONLINE or ON DEMAND for a training + experience in Prenatal Yoga + Massage over 4 Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm on May 23rd to June 14th. Classes are recorded for those who cannot attend the LIVE sessions.


This workshop explores both Embodiment Yoga™ and Thai Yoga Massage for supporting women during pregnancy and labour. Open to women who are pregnant and their partners, yoga teachers, doulas and RMTs, this workshop addresses how to alleviate discomfort related to pregnancy and how to support a more easeful birth experience using:


  • The Key Yoga Postures for an Easeful Labour, taught in a sequenced flow that you can share with others
  • The Key Areas of Discomfort During Pregnancy and the techniques for finding relief, taught with an easy to access list so you can reference and support friends and clients quickly
  • The Phases of Labour and the Key Yoga + Massage Techniques for supporting a more easeful and empowered birth experience
  • Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy and Birth 
  • Techniques for releasing the Pelvis and Supporting an enhanced Birth Outcome
  • Breathwork for interacting with Pain with more EASE
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