My Yoga by Farah Kurji

Bright's Grove, Ontario, Lakeshore Beach

This picture depicts what My Yoga is and where I travel to in my mind as I settle into the top of my mat to set my intention for a practice. It’s the yearning I have for nature modelled harmony and balance between all the different elements. That even in the complexity of earth - stillness, love and peace can be found.

That even in the busy-ness in life’s business, I too can find stillness, love and peace as I connect the tender elements of my own body.

I see a natural rhythm between earth, water and air. There are no “clear, defining or competing lines” instead I see a flow between all of the elements. Each needing the other to create the magnificence of the earth world we visit.

It reminds me...that even in my life, I may not always need “clear, defining, lines” but instead to strive for flow. That, as I move through my yoga practice there doesn’t need to be a “formula or script” I can move with what my body tells me and that the conversation is ongoing - it doesn’t start with my initial intention because in fact it never starts or ends.

My yoga practice, in essence, is the never ending conversation with my body, mind and spirit as I quietly ask it - “how are you now? What do you need? What are you holding? What do we need to let go?” Working with my body in harmony - asking my mind to share control with my spirit and body to make space for the experience of embodiment.

From an Ether perspective, My Yoga looks to find the stillness amongst the grains of sand, within the steady ripple of the water and in the breath of fresh air gifted to us. As a young mom with 2 children 18 months apart and an array of stressors and much learning to do - I often went out ot “my rock” at the early dawn of the day to set my core balance and intention for the day.

Visualizing this same spot in landlocked Calgary allows me to “mind travel” and connect with the emotions and thought practices of those years. Oftentimes, it’s reminding myself that life is only as difficult as I make it. In fact, life is as simple as we make it - much like my yoga practice. I don’t need to do fancy poses - my yoga is simple, gentle, inviting, accessible and above all else, loving and accepting.

My yoga opens up a space for healing, where love and acceptance may not have been afforded to me in early life

My Yoga is the promise of Hope in a new day - unfolding before your eyes as the sun mysteriously rises.

I wait for the sun to rise and eagerly anticipate it’s warmth and light. There’s a trust I harbour that it will always come up even if shy behind the clouds or rain or snowy days - and it always does. Yet for all the long wait, it appears to rise rather quickly to me - as excited to touch all the land with it’s light - to wake us up to invite us to explore our minds, bodies and spirits in the world around us.

Similar to how I settle into my mat and wait for an intention and suddenly it’s there - as promised, full of hope and questions for me to resolve by simply accepting. The sun rises and I rise to a salutation. Feeling my body awaken and allowing the body to settle my mind and heart.

My yoga is non judgemental - the picture above doesn’t show a fabulous sunrise nor does it show perfection - it shows what is. My yoga shows what is - in the now. Sometimes my yoga is about smiles and love and sometimes it’s about tears and pain - but it is always non-judgemental and healing.

My yoga is honest - it shows me where my body hurts, which emotions have arisen and need to be heard, where I am holding my breath and where I need to release. It even shows me where there is laughter and chuckles and awe of embodiment and enlightenment.

Lastly, as in the image above - the view is never ending and never the same. My yoga never ends, it's a lifelong journey. As in the beach it is also never the same. You can come to this same beach in 10mins and see something completely different. My yoga is the same -I can do a sun salutation every morning but it is never the same. Not in my body, mind or spirit.

My Yoga is time travel, intentionally unintentional, asking questions of the body, inviting unity and harmony between mind, body and spirit. It is healing, non judgmental, loving, accepting, honest and always but never the same!

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