If you are considering Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training . . .

Updated: Feb 22

I would like to offer encouragement through my personal experience

I recently completed an online 200 hour training with Stefani. Our training began online in April, shortly after the mandatory closure of studios and “non-essential businesses” in response to covid-19. I had already begun some of my required studies online, so I felt confident going forward with the program completely online. And I still am so thankful Stefani worked tirelessly to make it work. But you may have doubts or questions when it comes to your situation, and I would like to give some insight on what to expect and why it may be right for you.

Ease and flexibility. You may be thinking you won’t have time for this at home. That the distractions may be too much. This is a reality that does occur sometimes. All of us experienced it. However, Stefani is very aware being a busy mom herself. To ensure everyone receives the material, classes are recorded in some sections (with respect to some conversations and others privacy) and playback is available. You will not miss out on anything!

Stefani Wilton and her mentors. They are available and so giving! YTT is beautiful but is also self work. It is sometimes challenging and uncomfortable, yet necessary. Although you may be doing homework on your own or not in the physical presence of others, you will never feel alone or unsupported. Questions and concerns are not only welcome but encouraged. Reach out when you need it!

The Mandorla Yoga Institute and Embodiment values. Weather you are new to yoga practice or have practiced for sometime, the Embodiment approach is something I believe everyone will benefit from. Learning through the feminine and trauma aware approach in which Mandorla embodies is illuminating. You’ll discover a kinder approach for not only your own body but how we can make yoga more accessible and inclusive to every body.

You may be questioning how YTT could possibly work online? You’re hoping for connection or the studio atmosphere. I can say that Mandorla is a beautiful container that once you’re ready, that connection with people is there and the atmosphere is created in your own home. You will be looking forward to every session and will find that your practice can be done anywhere. The practices and poses themselves are so clearly instructed. Stefani has clearly put so much time and knowledge into them. You will be confident practicing at home! You will be connected with amazing people over Zoom calls and the conversations and the relationships grow. From that there is always opportunity to keep those relationships and connections going.

I hope that this has given some insight into what you will experience if you choose to enroll. I highly encourage you to, I truly miss my classes and hope to further my training soon. It’s a wonderful experience, jump in and enjoy it!!

Lindsey Aldridge, Alberta

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