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An RMT's experience with Integrative Restorative Yoga Training and Somatic Yoga Therapy Training

Updated: Apr 15

Stefani has been my teacher for about 3 years. I started out taking her Thai Yoga Massage Training

and have been addicted to her school since! As a registered massage therapist, the massage portion of the Thai class was a breeze for me but I realized how little yoga knowledge I had. I had so much more to learn about yoga practice and Mandorla was the only place I could see it happening for me. So I embarked on my somatic yoga teacher journey with Stefani, and I recently completed Mandorla Yoga Institute's 200-hour Yoga Foundational Somatic Yoga Teacher Program.

 I feel that what I have learned in this course has been invaluable in helping me get through these difficult times on a holistic level- mind body and soul.

Stefani is an amazing teacher! She exuberates love, kindness and respect for all people. My favorite thing about the way that Stefani teaches is that she is very trauma informed. Her use of trauma informed language during her yoga classes creates a very safe space for all of her clients and students. On the physical side of yoga practice, her knowledge of the human body is impeccable and she teaches her students to be body aware in order to prevent injury. Her Art of Sequencing Course focuses on building karma and bringing the pose to the student. Which is a yogic way of saying that she builds into the peak pose by warming into the threads associated with the pose in order to keep the pose safe for all ability levels and body types.

I am forever grateful for the knowledge I have obtained in all of the courses I have taken through Mandorla and I will be back to continue my education there in the near future. I am thankful that Stefani makes her content so accessible through a wide variety of payment options, online support and course content.

Carly Simon, RMT, Thai Massage and YTT Graduate

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