Join me for 30 Days of Embodiment Yoga™


Please enjoy my gift of a FREE 30 days of Embodiment Yoga™ including 4 LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS this April!

*Join the Embodiment Yoga Community on FB (I'll be posting daily prompts along with the suggested practice for the day. Engage in meaningful conversations and I encourage you to share your experience, ask questions and offer encouragement to one another!) 

*Participate in the FREE LIVE CLASS every Friday morning at 7:30am MST, starting on April 9th. Or watch the On Demand Recording!

*Access your FREE 30 classes on the Embodiment Yoga Practice Page . . . (this current page)

These Yoga Therapy Practices are thoughtfully created to support

you in moving through the waves of Embodiment Yoga™, 

Reclamation, Transformation and Resilience,

in a manner that is trauma respectful and accessible to ALL bodies. 


This is an approach to Yoga that evolved from my own journey and struggle with the impacts of personal trauma and my ability to access my own body. Integrating Core Restore Yoga Therapy™, Restorative and Yin Yoga, Gentle Vinyasa and Adaptive Yoga Therapy™, these practices are a beautiful introduction to Embodiment Yoga™, which supports you in getting back into YOUR body and finding EASE.