the Meridian Yoga Course is now being offered ONLINE

This training includes:

The Meridian Yoga E-book

Beautiful Photograph Overlay Imagery of the Meridians

10 Hours of Inspiring Video Content on the TCM System and the Meridians

and how to Support your Own Health and Healing with this wisdom

5 Yin Yoga Practices - Join us live May 15th to June 12th or enjoy the recordings.

They are yours to keep! 

2 ONLINE Workshops on June 17 + June 24, 730 to 9pm MST (Live or Enjoy the Recording)

Sequencing for Meridian Inspired Yin Yoga, June 17

Thai Massage Assists for Yin + Restorative Yoga, June 24

2 LIVES with Dr. Erin, to be scheduled

Meridian Yoga is a YIN YOGA practice tailored for the 5 Traditional Chinese Elements. Designed to create space and movement for the Meridians of this system, classes are intentionally crafted to release tension and increase the movement of energy through the body. 


Yoga practice is more than 'achieving a pose'. It is an opportunity to nurture those areas of yourself that feel stuck or stagnant. Using the knowledge that we share in Meridian Yoga, our intention is for you to reignite your practice with the confidence of viewing each time on your mat as your very own acupressure session.

For your personal Practice:
Specific techniques will be shared with you for tailoring a personal practice that supports your own needs emotionally, energetically and physically based on an assessment of the meridians that would most support you in this time of your life.

For Massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Health Care Practitioners:
This certificate training will provide you with 20 continuing education credits with the NHPC and Yoga Alliance. Beyond deepening your own understanding of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian System, we empower you with techniques for supporting your clients through the subtle energy system of the body.​

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The 5 TCM Elements

Gain understanding of the 5 TCM Elements and how you can access better self understanding and self care through this knowledge. Learn about the Meridian pairs for each element, where they lie in the body and the information your body may be communicating to you.

Yin Yoga Sequencing

An introduction to the Myofascial Meridians that support the Meridian System and how to sequence yin yoga practices for each Element.

Yin + Massage

An introduction to Thai Yoga Massage Assists that you can incorporate in yin yoga practices, classes and workshops.

Restorative Yoga

An introduction to Restorative Yoga for completing your Meridian Yoga classes.

Online Access and Video Manuals

Get lifetime access to a beautifully written manual by Dr. Erin and our online virtual manual - including ALL of the course content in video form, 5 Meridian Yoga Practices and complete diagrams of the meridian system laid over real life imaging of the human body in colour.


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