An Online Course + Journey through ​the Feminine

Explore Yoga’s Origins, its Philosophies and Subtle Practices

for Supporting Yourself and Others

Open both to yoga teachers and curious students. Enrollment for this Online Course ends on

This course is a feminine exploration of yoga's origins and main philosophical streams and is an immersion in gentle practices of meditation. Including recorded meditations for your personal practice, the book, the Art of Holding Space and the Sadhana Journal, this ONLINE course provides you with a template for creating profound sessions for your clients and will inspire you with its beautiful material for offering meaningful yoga classes. Most importantly, this course will support you in deepening your own sadhana with its thoughtful questions around finding our home in the world.

We hold space for another when we listen intently and give that person the gift of our full attention – the gift of present awareness or presence. And it is this skill, the ability to hold space for another, I have come to believe, that makes ordinary experiences powerfully moving. Perhaps, we loan them our own bravery for a time or a perception that is beyond what they are currently able to see. In its purest sense, as you hold space for another, they know that they are not alone and in so doing, they are given the courage to work through something that feels beyond their reach or comfort.  

Whether you are taking this course for your own personal growth or to further your growth as a practitioner, what is beautiful about cultivating your ability to hold space for others, is that you will undoubtedly be healed in the process. You cannot learn how to hold space for others, without learning how to do this for yourself, as it is through holding space for yourself that you will develop the presence needed to support others.




The Art of Holding Space E-book

This is a beautiful book written over a span of 19 years. Exploring yoga's origins, it's philosophies and approaches for supporting emotional resilience, this heartfelt text explores what it is to hold space for ourselves and others. This is a resource that you will return to again and again.

Sadhana Journal

A copy of the Sadhana Journal is yours to keep. This is a beautiful guided journey through the Yoga Sutras and the wisdom they hold through a Feminine lens of self-inquiry.

Online Access and Video Manuals

Get lifetime access to video recordings of all the course content, recorded meditations and written feedback from your mentor.

Mentoring and Support

You will be given a personal mentor for this course. Your mentor is available to give feedback on your journal entries as you move through the course material and can meet with you in person (if physically possible), over the phone or via email.

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