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trauma respectful practice for reclaiming your body, cultivating ease and resilience



Embodiment Yoga™ is based on the 3 core principles of Reclamation, Transformation and Resilience. Practices always begin with creating a safe container, establishing ease and supporting students in empowered self discovery. We use this foundation to access our own innate transformation as we move into powerful practices from a place of our own want and consent. We use vinyasa krama to intelligently open the body and cultivate resilience by practicing how to regulate ourselves through breath, meditation, mantra and mudra.


Mandorla seeks to create teachers who use trauma respectful language and teaching approaches in mainstream classes. Yoga can be a powerful tool for tapping into the somatic layer of ourselves. We see an opportunity for teachers to support their students in better accessing their bodies. This is not a clinical training for teaching those with Trauma, but a training that hopes to bridge a gap that we see in the yoga teaching community. Many of us have trauma and going to a yoga class can be a step toward our healing journey with the proper support. Empowering teachers to use language that is respectful, student led and and empowering can make a world of difference.


All of our programs are rooted in the wisdom of Yoga's sister art, Ayurveda. Like Yoga, Ayurveda gives us tools to better understand ourselves and what we need for balance. Combining these arts together creates yoga practices that are rich with insight for bringing ourselves into a place of balance and restoration. We share this art from the very beginning in all our programs, sharing with you the knowledge of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and how to pull these qualities into yoga asana and breath. In advanced progrmas we go deeper with understanding of dosha and lifestyle.


Explore the art of Embodiment on this curated yoga journey with Senior Teacher, Stefani Wilton. Stefani has trained yoga teachers since 2007 and the presence she brings to these programs is nurturing, loving and inspiring. Rooted in Ayurveda, each module leads you on a journey of discovery through the 5 Elements and the Chakra system, taking you through the 3 Embodiment Yoga™ principles of Reclamation, Transformation and Resilience. This is a beautiful training for those who feel ready to step into self discovery and personal evolution that prepares you to share the gift of yoga with others in a profound and meaningful way. By dancing between experiencing and applying the knowledge, our intention is to support you in becoming a teacher of presence and substance.


Trauma respectful language, Ayurveda, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga, 

Chakra Healing and the Art of Holding Space . . . a feminine exploration of yoga philosophy

Functional Anatomy, Alignment and Hands on Assisting

The Art of Sequencing and How to teach yoga to multi-experiential groups 

How to modify for injuries and limitations and how to make yoga accessible to ALL bodies

The Key Principles of Teaching - Communication, Demonstration, Sequencing, Safety and How to Teach


Our curriculum has been fine tuned since 2007 and we blend online learning of philosophy and anatomy with studio modules that support you in experiencing and applying the Embodiment Yoga™ methodology. We use this teaching model. Experience, then explain and ask questions. Co-create and then apply. After each teaching section, we will lead you through acquiring and applying skills in communication, demonstration, sequencing, safety and practice teaching. 


Mandorla Yoga Institute has been a Yoga Alliance Registered School since 2007 and is accredited by the NHPC and the Government as an Educational Institution.

Tuition and Enrollment Information

When you enroll in our Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™, you will be asked to book an appointment for your orientation call, where you will meet with your mentor and go over the details of your program. And this is how simple the rest of your training will be as well. You will be given LIFTETIME ACCESS to our beautiful online learning platform and are invited to work through the well organized material at your own pace. As you complete modules, simply book in for one of your mentoring sessions using that same online booking system. Your appointments can be held online or in studio at our Calgary location and you can choose to book more than one appointment at a time to make travel time more efficient. We can even provide accommodation at our studio in our cozy guest room. 

Tuition for the 200 hour Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ is $2160, when paid in full at time of enrollment. We also provide monthly payment plan options to make your tuition more accessible. 


Students enrolled in our 200 hour yoga teacher training are invited to join us for one of our yearly retreats to earn their 250 HR Yoga Teaching Certification. You are also invited to add on the Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Training and will receive a dual certification in Yoga (350 Hour RYT) and Thai Yoga Massage. 


I feel very blessed and grateful to have completed my Yoga Teacher Training offered by Mandorla. Not only is Stefani an amazing heart centered teacher, but she's practical, diverse, extremely knowledgeable and empowering. She challenges your assumptions in a kind and loving way and then gives you the tools you need to empower yourself.

Stef has helped me learn the foundations of stability and support...movement consciousness and intention. Stef teaches this in such a way that it actually transforms the way you think about your body and your movements. Stef has taught me how to incorporate these principles into all of my movements, on and off my mat. She has taught me to pay as much attention to what I do between the poses and how I get in and out of them, as I do while in them.

For me it's never been about anything but, how to have a strong mind, happy and healthy body and a grateful soul. And the foundations Stef teaches are all of these and so much more. Stefani is a true Guru of our times. I feel blessed and honored to have had opportunity to work with her and the whole Mandorla community!

Stacey Rafferty, Calgary, AB



Yoga for Reclamation. This module is where we explore the foundations of Ayurveda and Trauma Respectful approaches for sharing yoga. With a focus on the elements of Earth and Water, you will learn about creating safe and grounded yoga class experiences for your self and your future students using restorative and yin yoga. With an emphasis on sequencing, teaching and hands on assisting this is a safe place for those newer to yoga to establish comfort with their own practice and to gain confidence sharing this art with others. 


Yoga for transformation.  How do we meet people where they are at and lead them into a place of balance and strength? Continuing the conversation on Ayurveda, we lean into the elements of Fire and Air and look at how to teach, demonstrate and support multilevel experiencing through insightful verbal cuing and hands on assisting using the art of adaptive vinyasa yoga. On the personal level, we explore stepping into discomfort, the window of growth available to us when going beyond our comfort zone and what it is to truly LOVE ourselves.


A feminine exploration of yoga's history and philosophy that lead's participants into a journey of immense self reflection and growth. The Art of Holding Space is a Sadhana journey that explores how to support yourself and others through yoga's gentle practices. This is a self led sadhana exploration done with the support of your mentor through our online learning program. 


A practical teaching on the functional regions of the body, how to move, modify and adapt yoga for safe practice and how to support those with injuries. Functional Anatomy and Adaptive Yoga moves through the body, region by region, focusing on those things that are most pertinent to yoga teachers, sharing with you what to do and what not to do with an emphasis on how the body moves and how to respect the body when exploring movement practices. 


Receive the complete Embodiment Yoga™ Collection as part of your training. This beautiful series of practices will introduce you to the Embodiment Yoga™ approach of building from the ground up and meeting your body where it is at. You will be introduced to body scanning and learn how to curate your individual sadhana (yoga practice) for responding to your physical, emotional and mental needs.


You are provided with six private 1 - 1 mentoring sessions during the course of your training. These sessions may be booked in studio or ONLINE and are booked at the time of your choosing. At the end of your training, we ask you to film yourself teaching a yoga class to real live humans. Your uploaded video is then reviewed by your mentor and you are provided with mentoring feedback. You are provided with a small written exam to complete at the end of your program to demonstrate your understanding of the content. You will be happy to know that our exam is written in a trauma respectful manner with heart centered reflective questions to demonstrate your own bodily understanding of the material.

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