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Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ is based on the 3 core principles of Reclamation, Transformation, and Resilience. Practices always begin with creating a safe container, establishing ease, and supporting students in empowered self-discovery. We use this foundation to access our own innate transformation as we move into powerful practices from a place of our own want and consent. We use vinyasa krama to intelligently open the body and cultivate resilience by practicing how to regulate ourselves through breath, meditation, mantra, and mudra.


Mandorla seeks to create teachers and therapists who use trauma-respectful language and teaching approaches in mainstream settings. Yoga can be a powerful tool for tapping into the somatic layer of ourselves. We see an opportunity for teachers to support their students in better accessing their bodies. This is not clinical training for teaching those with Trauma, but training that hopes to bridge a gap that we see in the yoga community. Many of us have trauma and going to a yoga class can be a step toward our healing journey with the proper support. Empowering teachers to use language that is respectful, student-led, and empowering can make a world of difference.


All of our programs are rooted in the wisdom of Yoga's sister art, Ayurveda. Like Yoga, Ayurveda gives us tools to better understand ourselves and what we need for balance. Combining these arts together creates yoga practices that are rich with insight for bringing ourselves into a place of balance and restoration. We share this art from the very beginning in all our programs, sharing with you the knowledge of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and how to pull these qualities into yoga asana and breath. In advanced programs, we go deeper with understanding of dosha and lifestyle.


The presence a teacher brings allows us to feel held and whole. It allows us to go to places that didn't feel possible on our own. When we add the art of touch, done in a respectful way, it takes this experience to new depths. Thai Yoga Massage supports you in opening your body, releasing tension and allowing others to hold you. All healing and profound experiences on their own. This wisdom is weaved into all our programs, but is taken to fullness in our Practitioner training that is accredited with the NHPC.

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Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™, Embodiment Yoga Therapist Training™, and Somatic Thai Yoga Massage Training™ combine to offer you a complete 1,000-hour in-depth program that deeply explores the processes of reclaiming ease in your body through movement, stillness, breath, and touch.


Comprised of our Foundational YTT (200 hours), our Advanced YTT (300 hours in Yoga Therapy Foundations), and our Yoga Therapist Training (500-hours), this thorough training looks at Yoga through the lens of Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Therapy to give insights for creating tailored practices that meet you where you are at NOW at this moment.


In these trainings, you will grow in your ability to connect with your body and your heart, strengthening your own understanding of your needs and wants and how to respond with supportive yoga practices. Strongly rooted in Adaptive Yoga, each exploration is ACCESSIBLE for ALL BODIES and TRAUMA RESPECTFUL. The 1,000-hour Embodiment Yoga Therapist Training™ was created as a complete program, but students are welcome to take parts of the program for individual certification as a 200 or 500-Hour Embodiment Yoga Teacher.™

All of our training programs are offered using a combination of online and in-person learning in the form of study retreats. Our Thai Massage Program can be taken exclusively online and you may enroll at any time to study with one of our mentors. Our Yoga and Yoga Therapy programs require a commitment to study during scheduled times of training. 


If you have no prior yoga training, we suggest enrolling in our Foundational 200 hour program first or you are welcome to enroll in our Thai Yoga Massage Training with no prior experience required. Our yearly retreat is also open to anyone who wishes to attend. To enter into the 300-hour or 500-hour program, you must first complete a 200-hour training either with Mandorla or a similar school.


If your prior 200-hour training was not focused on trauma-informed practice, restorative and adaptive yoga, then you can attend the 200-hour training with significantly reduced tuition. Please inquire by sending an email to our program director at

ACCREDITATION - Mandorla Yoga Institute is a certified educational institution in Canada and has been a registered yoga school since 2007. We are a registered Yoga Therapy School, 1,000-hours with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and our Thai Massage Program is registered with the National Health Practitioners of Canada. Canadian graduates of our programs may claim their tuition on their taxes and are provided with a T2202a form at each year-end. Graduates of our Somatic Thai Massage Training may become members of the NHPC with the ability to offer insurance receipts to clients who hold Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). 

Should you have questions prior to enrollment, please free to reach out to us to request a FREE DISCOVERY CALL. We are happy to answer your questions over email, phone, text, or video call. 


150 HR Somatic Bodywork & Thai Yoga Massage Training™


This beautiful program takes you on a SOMATIC journey where Thai Massage and Restorative Yoga meet. Integrating the sister art of Ayurveda, you are taught how to support clients emotionally via the three Dosha of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha using somatic bodywork practices, craniosacral techniques, and traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Upon completion of this program, you will have the resources to offer three distinct Thai Yoga Massage sessions that are each up to 120 minutes in length. This program speaks to RMTs, Yoga Teachers, and enthusiasts, giving you skills that can be integrated on the massage table, in yoga classes, and in everyday life. Having the ability to support others in better accessing and moving through their bodies is a gift in and of itself. ​Trauma respectful practice asks that we provide hands-on assists instead of adjustments and corrections. When we approach practice from this place, a place of holding space for others with gentleness, we begin to understand how profound touch is. This program immerses you in the art of Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurveda, and Restorative Yoga practices for creating powerful one on one sessions. For Yoga Teachers, this content will inspire your group yoga class offerings.  Completion of requisite hours will give you a Practitioner Designation with the NHPC, allowing you to offer insurance receipts to your clients.


Ayurveda and the 3 Dosha

Mental Health and the Guna of the Mind

Vata - Somatic Flows for Anxiety & Overwhelm

Pitta - Somatic Flows for Irritable Depression & Stress

Kapha - Somatic Flows for Depression & Grief

Yoga Philosophy & the Art of Holding Space

Embodiment Yoga & the 5 Elements

Curriculum + Enrollment

The Somatic Thai Massage Training is offered with open enrollment. Students may enroll in this program at any time during our 4 yearly semesters. Upon registration, you will be given a link for your orientation call with your mentor and may arrange your 3 mentoring appointments at your convenience through our online booking system.  There are no pre-requisites for enrolling in this program.

View the Curriculum & Syllabus here.


View the ONLINE course here

Tuition Investment and Registration Information

Our 150 HR Somatic Thai Yoga Massage Training™ includes LIFETIME ACCESS to our beautiful ONLINE content and includes 3 PRIVATE MENTORING SESSIONS PROVIDED TO YOU ONLINE OR IN STUDIO with the guidance of your yoga mentor. Enrollment and tuition information is available on this page. At the time of registration, you may choose to pay in full or to select the payment plan. Canadian students may claim the entirety of their tuition on their taxes. There are no requisites for taking this training. Come as you are. You will be supported in learning from where you are at.

200 Hour Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™


This is our foundational program, introducing you to the RECLAMATION experience of Embodiment Yoga™.  You are invited into a personalized yoga journey that invites you to connect with and come home to YOUR body. You do not need any prior yoga experience or need to have an interest in becoming a yoga teacher. This foundational program is a journey of self-discovery and embodiment. The purpose of this program is to establish a deep understanding of OJAS, how to create safe environments that invite nervous system regulation, presence, stillness, and grounding and how to work safely with the physical body through the lens of the Earth Element.


Combined with our beautiful online learning platform, we utilize the best of ONLINE learning with 6 live Saturday sessions over the course of March, April, and May. Our 200-Hour Foundational training in Embodiment Yoga focuses on Reclamation. By dancing between experiencing and applying the knowledge, our intention is to support you in becoming a teacher of presence and substance but most importantly to support you in experiencing the beauty of Embodiment through the discovery of ease and safety within your own body. 

Participants in this program are given access to a special rate at our yearly summer retreat in Adaptive Restorative Yoga for those who wish to experience this work in person, though your attendance at the in-person training is not required.


Cultivating embodiment through movement, stillness, and breath

Ojas and the Earth Element, Intro to Ayurveda

Trauma respectful language, Restorative and Viniyoga

Chakra Healing for RECLAMATION

Feminine exploration of yoga philosophy

Functional Anatomy, Alignment, and Hands-on Assisting

How to teach and adapt yoga to multi-experiential groups 

How to modify for injuries and limitations and how to make yoga accessible to ALL bodies

The Key Principles of Teaching - Communication, Demonstration, Sequencing, Safety and How to Teach

Curriculum + Enrollment

The Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ is offered once per year from March to May. This somatic program combines online asynchronous (pre-recorded lectures using our online platform), LIVE ONLINE class sessions over 6 Saturdays and 5 private mentoring sessions held online or in-studio. Students are able to attend this entire training online. 


Graduates of the 200-Hour Training are invited to attend the 1 week Adaptive Restorative Yoga Immersion with 50% OFF the immersion tuition. This immersion is held each July in Calgary, AB, Canada. Attendance at the retreat is not included in your tuition and is entirely optional. It is not required for you to complete your training. 


View the ONLINE courses here. 

Tuition Investment and Registration Information

Our 200-hour Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ includes LIFETIME ACCESS to our beautiful ONLINE content. Enrollment and tuition information is available on this page. At the time of registration, you may choose to pay in full or may select the payment plan. Canadian students may claim the entirety of their tuition on their taxes.

300 HR Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ (Yoga Therapy Foundations)

Our 300-hour training in Yoga Therapy Foundations allows students to register with the CYA at the RYT500 level. This is the TRANSFORMATION-focused portion of the Yoga Therapist Training, where we focus on the manomayakosha, one's mental/emotional health. This is required learning prior to entering our 1,000-hour Yoga Therapist training. For taking your practice and your teaching to the next level through a deeper exploration of the key ingredients of profound teaching - holding space, responsive/adaptive teaching, hands-on assisting, and how to lead students through emotional and energetic practice. This program has been crafted after years of working with and listening to the questions, needs, and concerns of yoga teachers. We look closely at refining your teaching skills through the arts of yoga therapy for emotional resilience and mental health, yin, restorative, and adaptive yoga and support you in acquiring skills for offering meaningful practices and sequencing for your students.

The 300-hour advanced training is a hybrid program that combines online learning with up to two in-person modules. This training runs once yearly from August to December. The in-person modules are held yearly each August/September either as two separate retreats, 4 days and 3 days or as one weeklong, 7-day retreat. Students should anticipate additional costs for required textbooks, travel, accommodation, and meals. MYI facilitates in-person training in the Rocky Mountains and abroad. Please check at the time of enrollment to make sure you know that years anticipated training locations.


Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ Foundations

Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga & Meridian Yoga


Ayurveda and the Water and Fire Elements

Somatic Yoga 1, 2 & 3

Hands-on Assisting & Somatic Bodywork

Adaptive Yoga, Viniyoga and Functional Anatomy

The Art of Holding Space, Exploring Yoga's Wisdom through a feminine lens

Yoga for Mental Health

Mantra, Mudra, Meditation + Pranayama

Business Training for Yoga Teachers

Curriculum + Enrollment

Working with senior teachers, this program looks to support you in strengthening your skills as a yoga teacher, while deepening your personal practice. Each cohort is kept small so that you get maximum time for mentoring. This program seeks to fill any gaps you may have remaining in your previous learning. 

The Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ in Yoga Therapy Foundations is offered once per year each Fall from August to December. A hybrid program, your training combines ONLINE asynchronous (pre-recorded lectures using our online platform) with LIVE ONLINE classroom sessions and 2 in-person retreats held each August and September. (At times we combine the two retreats into a 1-week travel retreat.)

View the Curriculum & Syllabus here.


View the ONLINE courses here. 

Tuition Investment and Registration Information

Our 300-hour Advanced Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training™ in Yoga Therapy Foundations includes LIFETIME ACCESS to our beautiful ONLINE content. Enrollment and tuition information is available on this page. At the time of registration, you may choose to pay in full or to select the payment plan. Canadian students may claim the entirety of their tuition on their taxes. A recognized 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification is required prior to enrollment into this program. 

500 HR Embodiment Yoga Therapist Training™ 


The 500 Hour Yoga Therapist Training builds on the content previously learned in the 200- and 300-hour earlier programs. Combining both online and in-person modules, this hybrid program takes one year to complete, running from January to December of each year. Enrollment is offered for either an October or January intake. 


There are four in-person modules in Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda & Marma Therapy. These modules are offered one weekend per month each Fall and at times, are offered as a 1-week travel retreat. 


Upon completion of this program, graduates receive a 1,000-hour certification in Yoga Therapy with full permission to use the designation Embodiment Yoga Therapist™. 

Focused on Integration, this final component of our Yoga Therapy Training Program explores in-depth the final elements of Air and Ether, looking at the Anandamaya and Pranamaya kosha of the body. Rich in explorations stemming from Western Science and Eastern Wisdom, 


Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy

Neuro-Meditation for Yoga Therapists

Guna of the Mind

Somatic Yoga Therapy Tools & Skills

Somatic Coaching, Hands-on Assisting & Bodywork

Yoga, Psychology & the Mind

Yoga for Emotional Resilience & Mental Health

Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

Ayurveda and the Air & Ether Elements

Biomedical & Clinical Foundations

Business, Networking, and Collaboration for Yoga Therapists

Yoga Therapy Practicum

30 Hours of 1 - 1 Mentoring with an IAYT Yoga Therapist

Curriculum + Enrollment

The Embodiment Yoga Therapist Training™ is offered once per year from January to December. Acceptance into this program is determined after completing the entrance interview. 

View the Curriculum & Syllabus here.


View the ONLINE courses here. 

Tuition Investment and Registration Information

Our 500-hour Embodiment Yoga Therapist Training™ includes LIFETIME ACCESS to our beautiful ONLINE content. Enrollment and tuition information is available on this page. At the time of registration, you may choose to pay in full or to select the payment plan. Canadian students may claim the entirety of their tuition on their taxes. A recognized 500 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification is required prior to enrollment into this program. Students with a 200 HR RYT are welcome to apply for both our 300 HR and this 500 HR Program to earn their remaining 800 hours in Yoga Therapy. Should you not hold a previous certification, you may apply for the entire 1,000 HR program by emailing the director of teacher training at


I feel very blessed and grateful to have completed my Yoga Teacher Training offered by Mandorla. Not only is Stefani an amazing heart centered teacher, but she's practical, diverse, extremely knowledgeable and empowering. She challenges your assumptions in a kind and loving way and then gives you the tools you need to empower yourself.

Stef has helped me learn the foundations of stability and support...movement consciousness and intention. Stef teaches this in such a way that it actually transforms the way you think about your body and your movements. Stef has taught me how to incorporate these principles into all of my movements, on and off my mat. She has taught me to pay as much attention to what I do between the poses and how I get in and out of them, as I do while in them.

For me it's never been about anything but, how to have a strong mind, happy and healthy body and a grateful soul. And the foundations Stef teaches are all of these and so much more. Stefani is a true Guru of our times. I feel blessed and honored to have had opportunity to work with her and the whole Mandorla community!

Stacey Rafferty, Calgary, AB