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Thai Yoga Massage Training




4 day immersion with a beautiful virtual manual and printed manual for continued learning


About the Course

This four day training immersion with course creator, Stefani Wilton, supports you in learning how to provide 3 distinct Thai Yoga Massage sessions that are curated for your client's Ayurvedic dosha. Teaching others how to share this work, since 2007, this is a body-led learning environment, where you will learn through experiencing, giving, and receiving with others in a postitive community space. You are provided with a beautiful course manual and our online virtual manual, where you can access recordings of ALL the techniques you have learned to support you as you practice sharing this work with others.

What makes this program different is Stefani's unique expertise as a Somatic Yoga Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist. Included in your 4 day training is education on how to tailor sessions to your client's Ayurvedic constitution, the functional anatomy of the body, how to use props and how to work around injuries and health conditions.

You will learn how to provide 3 distinct 90 minute sessions. That is 270 minutes of distinct massage techniques that are taught to you in bite sized flows for easier learning and the ability to adapt your client sessions.

In this training you will explore ALL of the following:

Prone Thai Yoga Massage 

Supine Thai Yoga Massage

Side-Lying Thai Yoga Massage

Seated Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Feet  

Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Abdomen

Thai Yoga Massage for Hip Release

Thai Yoga Massage for Back and Shoulder Release

Ayurvedic Thai Massage

In addition to your 4 days of in-person training, students are asked to read the provided manual and to watch the technique videos provided for you in the virtual manual. Students are asked to complete 25 practice hours to attain their certification.

This is an 85-Hour Training that allows North American students to register with Namasta. We offer a training option for students who wish to earn their 150-Hour Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner designation for official registration with the National Health Practitioners of Canada. (The 150-Hour designation will allow you to provide insurance receipts to clients with HSA Insurance plans.) The 150-Hour designation is earned by attending the 4-day immersion a second time and by completing additional coursework in Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage and completing one elective course in Prenatal Thai Massage, Table Thai Massage, or Props for Thai Massage. The elective course and the Functional Anatomy training are provided with online and in-studio options. Tuition for the 150-Hour Thai Massage upgrade is $1288 + GST.

Those who are yoga teachers and massage therapists may apply these hours for continuing education credits with the Canadian Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance, and the National Health Practitioners of Canada. Canadian students may claim the tuition from this program on their taxes and may choose to use funds withdrawn from their RRSP for the payment of their tuition.

Your Instructor

Stefani Wilton

Stefani Wilton is the founder of the Mandorla Yoga Institute and the creator of Embodiment Yoga, Somatic Yoga Therapy, and Integrative Thai Massage. She is an engaging teacher and has been privileged to share this work as an educator since 2007.

Stefani Wilton
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