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Restorative Yoga Immersion




3 day


About the Course

We live in a world that has taught women to put others before themselves, to prioritize being productive over being happy, and where rest almost feels like a dirty word. You are not lazy if you need to rest. This is the most beautiful gift that we can give ourselves for reclaiming our bodies as a place where we can feel at home. This course was created with a mother's heart for women and female-identifying human beings to embrace your body and learn how to allow yourself to experience rest. This beautiful 3-day experience is offered in a variety of methods (online or in-person: travel retreat, 3-day immersion, 1-weekend, and 3-Saturday-series) so that you can access this important teaching where and when it best works for you. Learn how to allow rest and how to create embodied experiences for yourself and others. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a loving community while learning how to create restorative sessions with the use of restorative yoga props, breathwork, and embodied movement. All participants are provided with a beautiful Restorative Yoga Manual, written by course creator, Stefani Wilton.

Those wishing to acquire a 50-Hour Certification as a Restorative Yoga Teacher, can do so by attending the 3-day immersion a second time, either online or in-person. (The fee to re-attend the training is reduced to $450 and those who attend for a second time within the same year may receive a T2202a form for tax reimbursement. The teacher will support you in fine tuning your skills and finessing your personal practice.

Your Instructor

Liv De Rooy

"The journey to wholeness and optimal health is like traversing a multi-peaked mountain, there are gains and there are descents. The adventure is made more achievable with a guide familiar with traversing these peaks." - Livi

Livi De Rooy is the creatrix of Twisted Willow Studio.

Livi experienced several complex health challenges early in life that steered her and her mother to combining modern medicine with alternative modalities to assist in her healing. Spurred by her journey to health, Livi has completed yoga training in Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga with additional specialized training for Third Age (Seniors) Rehabilitation, Trauma Informed, Prenatal, and Postnatal Yoga.

As an Advanced Ayurvedic Embodiment Yoga Teacher Livi’s offerings are imbued with classic and tantric yoga principles. Intertwining her lived experience and skills gained through her years as a yoga teacher trainer, bodyworker, doula and personal trainer she empowers her students and clients with the skills necessary to create meaningful change in their wellbeing.

You are the healer, Livi simply provides the tools to support you in your healing.

Liv De Rooy
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