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200-Hour Embodiment Yoga™ YTT
in Somatic Yoga Therapy Foundations


Port Alberni, BC

Calgary, AB


"Somewhere in the gentle space between where movement and stillness meet, lies a peaceful experience of being at home in your body and at ease in your breath. This is the experience of Embodiment, the purest liberation that happens here and now and IN your body. When you allow yourself to express and move and rest, you are set free to live your life from a place of beautiful flow and spaciousness." - Stefani Wilton, creator of Embodiment Yoga


This training is a calling back to the feminine wisdom of the heart and a reclamation of our voices as female-identifying humans . . . as women. It is a declaration that within the quiet voice lies strength and within stillness lies the most powerful of energies. It is a calling back to your RIGHT to be here, to MOVE, to DANCE, to SING, and to EXPRESS. This is a celebration of the beautiful power that exists when the feminine gathers. This training is about reclaiming your body as a space where you feel SAFE, as a space where you FEEL, ALLOW, and EMOTE. In yogic understanding, the brain is not your place of wisdom. Wisdom lies in the deepest of spaces with the heart, the CITTA. This training is your invitation to come home to this space of KNOWING, FEELING, and TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION. 

This program is a weaving of the arts of Ayurveda, Somatic Movement, Yoga Therapy, Heart Wisdom, and Feminine Yoga Philosophy with the practices of Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation. This is a foundational program that gifts you with the wisdom of Somatic Yoga Therapy so that you can heal yourself. Instead of traditional learning, this is an embodied journey through inspiring body-based experiences. With a deep dive into Earth Element tools for grounding, listening to the body, learning the language of your body, and working with the nervous system to restore regulation; this program introduces you to the principles of yoga therapy from the very start, so that you may become a student of your own body through the lens of Somatic Yoga Therapy.

This beautiful training is for those who feel ready to step into self-discovery and personal evolution that prepares you to share the gift of Embodiment Yoga™ with others in a profound and meaningful way. By dancing between experiencing and applying the knowledge, our intention is to support you in deepening your own embodied practice and in becoming a teacher of presence and substance.

This training program is recommended as a preparatory course for those intending to apply to the Somatic Yoga Therapist™ Training but anyone with a sincere desire to delve into the study of Embodiment Yoga™ is welcome to join the training. 

The Embodiment Yoga™ Teacher Training is offered over two modules, EMBODIED PRACTICE, and EMBODIED TEACHING, so that those who want to take the program for their own enrichment, do not need to participate in the teaching modules. We also welcome those who have completed other yoga teacher training to join us just for the Embodied Teaching Module so that you can prepare for entry into Somatic Yoga Therapist™ Training.

Cultivate your personal embodiment yoga practice in this beautiful experiential immersion. Delve into restorative and vinyasa yoga and connect with your body and heart. 

No experience is required and no expectation for you to teach, this program is your own embodied journey into somatic movement, rest, and expression. You will be immersed in beautiful practices and the feminine philosophy of yoga as you connect with an inspiring community. 

As you cultivate your embodied practice, you will have the opportunity to practice in the comfort of your own home (online) or at our sister studio in Port Alberni, BC.  


A beautiful immersion into somatic healing and embodied expression . . . 

offered as . . . 

an online journey


2-week immersion in-studio


10 Saturdays in-studio

Accreditation for Graduates


Graduates of our professional programs are provided with the T2202a form for educational tax reimbursement and RESP/RRSP eligibility for tuition payment.


Graduates may register with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-Hour level and receive practice insurance.


Graduates may receive continuing education credits for use with the following professional regulatory bodies: National Health Practitioners of Canada, Namasta,  and Yoga Alliance.


See our Graduates page to hear from our graduates and how this training supported their personal and professional growth. View our Testimonials page to read more from graduates of this program.

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