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Releasing the pelvis and freeing the breath . . . From our Table Thai Series . . . Coming

150-Hour Certification
Integrative Thai Yoga Massage™  

aka Integrative Thai Yoga Bodywork

Accredited Program for practitioner registration with NHPC (Canada) and Namasta (USA), providing graduates with access to insurance and the ability to issue insurance receipts for certain health care plans.

Created by Stefani Wilton, from over 21 years as a Somatic Yoga Therapist and practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage, our 150-Hour Training in Integrative Thai Yoga Massage(Bodywork) honours the foundations of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage while integrating adaptive practices of restorative yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and somatics. This integrative approach creates an experience for clients that is more respectful of trauma and unique body needs, as the techniques are informed by both Eastern and Western understandings of the human body. 

Offered as a two-level program, level one of this training is a 65-hour program that is fully accessible online. You can begin this program today, with the option to work with your mentor in small group mentoring sessions or in private mentoring sessions. This Ayurveda-focused approach to Thai Yoga Massage teaches you how to support clients physically, emotionally, and energetically via the three Dosha of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

Level One 65-Hour Training Includes . . .
  • Prone Thai Yoga Massage 

  • Supine Thai Yoga Massage

  • Side-Lying Thai Yoga Massage

  • Seated Thai Yoga Massage

  • Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Feet  

  • Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Abdomen

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Hip Release

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Back and Shoulder Release

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Vata Dosha and Anxiety

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Kapha Dosha and Depression 

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Pitta Dosha and Stress and Irritable Depression

Level Two of this training is an 85-Hour Program that combines IN-PERSON learning with online coursework. Upon completion of both Level One and Level Two, you will receive a certificate in 'Integrative Thai Yoga Massage' (Canadian Residents) or 'Integrative Thai Yoga Bodywork' (USA Residents). (Graduates from countries outside of the USA and Canada, are encouraged to research the guidelines for their area and may request the certificate of their choosing.) Our graduates may register with the NHPC (Canada) and Namasta (USA) for registration as a practitioner with the ability to issue insurance receipts for certain healthcare plans. 

Level Two 85-Hour Training Includes . . .
  • Integrative Restorative Yoga Postures

  • How to facilitate Integrative Restorative Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

  • How to use props for adaptation and enhancement

  • Integrative Thai Yoga Massage

  • Therapeutic Sequencing and how to curate client experiences

  • Embodiment Yoga Practice and Following the Nervous System

  • Craniosacral Support

  • Ayurvedic Energywork

***Integrative Somatic Therapy Bodywork Practitioner***

Those interested in acquiring an additional certification as an Integrative Somatic Therapy Bodywork Practitioner should choose our 150-Hour Training that is offered in partnership with the Integrative Somatic Studies Institute. (This certification option emphasizes the integration of somatic therapy practice, yoga, and bodywork for the purpose of Trauma healing and is taught by Stefani Wilton and Ratha Chek, Somatic Psychotherapist and the creator of ISTP.  This version of the 150-Hour program entails a longer IN-PERSON program and an additional 90 hours of study in Integrative Somatic Therapy (Levels 1 & 2) is required. Graduates of this program track will still receive the 150-Hour Certification in Integrative Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork for registration with the appropriate regulating bodies and will also earn the designation of Integrative Somatic Therapy Bodywork Practitioner™.)***

*** New Option for Level Two Training***

Become an Integrative Somatic Therapy Bodywork Practitioner in Partnership with the Integrative Somatic Studies Institute™.   

Certification Pathway for 150-Hour Designation
in Integrative Thai Yoga Massage
  • Completion of all course content and full attendance at all live and online sessions is required

    • Completion of the ONLINE 65-Hour Level One Training

      • Online Coursework and Assignments (30 hours)

      • Course Practicum (30 hours)​

      • Online Mentoring, Group or Private (5 hours)

    • Completion of the HYBRID 85-Hour Level Two Training (Option A or B)

      • 4-day IN-PERSON training in Calgary, AB (30 hours)​

      • Online Coursework and Practice (55 hours)

  • Police background check

  • Signed ethics agreement


150-Hour Certification in Integrative Thai Yoga Massage (Bodywork)

Eligible to Register with Namasta (USA) or NHPC (Canada)

Students who wish to pursue somatic therapy studies, follow a similar course program with our offering in partnership with the Integrative Somatic Studies Institute based out of Vancouver. Additional coursework includes the ISTP Level 1 training and a longer in-person intensive in the Vancouver area. Upon completion these students receive the above certifications and also receive certification as an 'Integrative Somatic Therapy Bodywork Practitioner'.

Tuition Information:


Students who enroll in levels one and two training for the complete 150-Hour Program in the same calendar year are issued a T2202a form for income tax reimbursement in Canada. 

Full 150-Hour Training Tuition

Tuition for the full program (includes levels one and two), $2697 plus GST

(payment plans are available or students may pay for one level of training at a time)

Level One Tuition Options

Level One Tuition with Group Mentoring, $899 plus GST 

Level One Tuition with Private Mentoring, $1384 plus GST

No requisites are required for the Level One Training and you may enroll at any time. This training is facilitated entirely online. Additional props are required for this training.


Level Two Tuition Options

Level Two Tuition, $1798 plus GST

It is required that you have enrolled in Level One, prior to enrollment in Level Two, however, you do not need to be finished level one, prior to taking level two. There is a 4-day in-person component for this training, held in Calgary, AB. Accommodations and meals are not provided for this training, but we are happy to assist you in finding a place to stay.

***Level Two Program Option with Integrative Somatic Studies Institute, $2798 plus GST. 

You are required to be enrolled in the level one Thai training, and must also have completed the ISTP levels one and two training, in order to attend this specialized offering. There is a 7-day in-person component for this training. This training is usually held near or on Vancouver Island. Accommodation and meals will be provided for this training at the additional cost provided to you by the training centre. 

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