150-Hour Thai
Yoga Massage Training 
for Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice™
& Embodiment Yoga Therapy™

Join Stefani Wilton, Somatic Therapist & creator of Embodiment Yoga Therapy™ and Ratha Chek, Psychotherapist & creator of Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice™ for this specialized training

Doors open January 2023

Created by Stefani Wilton, from over 21 years as a practitioner in Thai Yoga Massage and therapeutic yoga, our 150-Hour Training in Somatic Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork honours the foundations of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage while integrating the practices of somatic and restorative yoga with the sister art of Ayurveda. This focused approach to Thai Yoga Massage teaches you how to support clients physically, emotionally, and energetically via the three Dosha of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By integrating the adaptive skills of restorative yoga, somatic processing, and craniosacral techniques, you can offer customized experiences for your clients that allow them to work with their emotional health while improving their nervous system regulation.

This program speaks to Registered Massage Therapists, Counselors, Yoga Teachers, and anyone who wants to give and receive this beautiful healing modality; giving you skills that can be integrated on the massage table, in yoga classes, and in everyday life. Create your own 60- and 90-min Thai Yoga Massage sessions that are tailored to the physical, energetic, and emotional needs of your clients.


* For Yoga Teachers, this content will inspire your group yoga class offerings and help you develop a private practice.


*For counselors, somatic therapists, and psychotherapists, this designation can provide you with an avenue that allows you to provide touch as an adjunct offering within your practice. 

*For massage therapists, this provides you with a modality that allows you to save your hands while adding depth to your practice.

This training goes beyond the standard 85-hour Thai Massage Training, giving you skills that set your practice apart by integrating Ayurveda, Somatic Therapy, and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Embodiment Practices, Craniosacral, and Energywork with Restorative Yoga to provide you with the skills to provide sessions that support the body and the mind. 

Releasing the pelvis and freeing the breath . . . From our Table Thai Series . . . Coming
Your Training Includes
  • Prone Thai Yoga Massage 

  • Supine Thai Yoga Massage

  • Side-Lying Thai Yoga Massage

  • Seated Thai Yoga Massage

  • Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Feet  

  • Thai Yoga Massage of the Hands and Abdomen

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Hip Release

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Back and Shoulder Release

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Supporting the Release of Anxious Feelings

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Supporting Relief from Depressive Feelings

  • Thai Yoga Massage for Supporting Relief from Stress and Irritability

  • Restorative Yoga for Thai Yoga Massage

  • Somatic Emotional Processing Skills

  • Embodied Language

  • Therapeutic Sequencing

  • Embodiment Yoga integration

  • Breathwork

  • Craniosacral Supports

  • Ayurvedic Energywork

Certification Pathway
  • Completion of all course content and full attendance at all live and online sessions is required

    • Completion of Restorative Yoga Training (30 hours) & Somatic Thai Bodywork Training (20 hours) ~ these modules can be attended separately OR attend the Specialty training offered yearly at Hollyhock Retreat Centre with Ratha Chek, creator of Integrated Somatic Therapy Practice

    • Completion of Practice hours (20 hours restorative + 30 hours Thai practice)

    • Completion of Online coursework in Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage (35 hours)

    • Completion of group mentoring in anatomy, injury, and practice (15 hours)

  • Police background check

  • Signed ethics agreement

Canadian residents:

Completion of requisite hours will give you a Practitioner Designation with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), allowing you to offer insurance receipts to your clients.

USA Residents:

Completion of requisite hours gives access to registration with NAMASTA for insurance purposes. 

Doors Open January 2023